The MCOGROUP is a sourcing & manufacturing company.


Countries from where we source

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IT for Apps & Startups for Trading


Reduce the number of people you talk to, improve your productivity and keep production costs low.

Receive a premium assistance for your sourcing projects in China / Asia / Europe / Africa / South America. Get a fully 360° and transparent service built and performed by MCOGROUP Global experts who are working in your interests. Whether you already have suppliers or not, we will act as your purchasing agent  Global and especially in Asia. Here’s a short list of what we will do for you:

supplier prospection
supplier verification
sample order management
order preparation
production monitoring
product inspection
packing & loading supervision
shipping preparation
delivery management
after-sales service

Activewear & Yogawear Manufacturer
Econyl ® & Oekotex Standard 100


Shipping & Sourcing from ASIA to Amazon FBA

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MCOGROUP - Sourcing has a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience of FBA delivery. Trust us to expertly handle shipping of your products safely and promptly at the most competitive prices.

Soiefleuri Jewellry Manufacturing

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We can produce handmade jewellery of the highest quality. Our company is designed for the production of jewellery for jewellers in the B2B & B2C sector. Let us design your own collection or treat yourself to a precious unique piece of jewellery. 

The MCOGROUP is a sourcing / manufacturing company specializing in start-up companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. We support our clients in setting up their business and our agents support our clients in their search for trading partners. Among other things, we organize the entire international purchasing and production up to delivery and beyond. In addition, we take over the organization of quality assurance in Asia and logistics from Asia to Germany / Worldwide for our customers.

Interior / Outdoor Design / Building materials

We are specialist in Villa Interior, Bathrooms, Deco, Marble tiles, Curtain Fabrics, Yacht Interior, Jet Interior and many more.


Corona Virus Respirators • Medical Gowns • Equidment

Respirators of protection class FFP2 capture at least 94% of airborne particles up to a size of 0.6 μm / FFP3 offer the greatest possible protection against breathing air pollution. With a total leakage of up to 5% and a required protection of at least 99% from particles up to a size of 0.6 μm, they are able to filter toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive particles. These respirators can be used in work environments in which the workplace limit is exceeded up to 30 times the industry-specific value. They are used, for example, in the chemical industry.



Medical Products Sourcing

Boutique Activewear Manufacturer

Interior / Construction Sourcing




Russian Orthodox Jewelry


FUR Products

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