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1. Can you trust all traders abroad?

Unfortunately, there are many dubious suppliers who either do not deliver at all or want to deliver poor quality or counterfeit goods in order to protect their innocence. We can minimize the risk because we have local contacts to the companies and can obviously check the quality and accept the goods (inspection before shipment). A telephone contact by our native speakers within the country with the company can strengthen the confidence and also promote the cooperation with the supplier. We only select suppliers for you about whom we have no negative information and which one we have tested.

2. Why should I use Guided Imports to inspect my Products?

We are a western managed company that focuses on educating our local Chinese inspectors on the quality standards our customers deserve. We rely on internationally recognized standards and deliver a service to our customers that allow them to understand the full picture of their production quality in an easy to understand, thorough inspection report. We believe inspections should be easy for businesses to book, and our reports should be understandable for any type of buyer, regardless of their technical background. Because of this, our team works with our customers after delivering a report, explains what the report means, and does not close the inspection until the customer understands the findings our inspectors have published. Our inspection service is built to act as your unbiased, trained eyes, and ears inside of your factory during every milestone of your production. Not only does our inspection service give you confidence in being able to finalize your production, but it also provides impactful information that you and your suppliers can use to improve the quality of your products.

3. If i go direct to the Chinese / Asian Factory it must be cheaper than using a Mcogroup, right?

This is a common misconception. For various reasons, Mcogroup can often supply a lower price to a customer, our on the ground team are highly experienced at negotiating with Asien / Chinese manufactures, can purchase in RMB or in the regional currency of the asian country, source manufactures who do not have an export license or an English-speaking sales department, and as such we have more/different choices to buy from. Rather, we safeguard the customer by ensuring that all relevant points for the quality and requirement for the product itself are met by the factory. For this purpose, we draw up a chinese purchase contract based on the chinese laws to provide the customer with the best possible protection. Furthermore, we ensure through our trained professionals that the products are thoroughly inspected for quality during and before shipment. Depending on the product type, we cooperate with laboratories on site to test the respective products for pollutants before the customer goes into mass production. We at the Mcogroup - Global Sourcing see ourselves as your all-round consultant, with 14 years of experience in Asia in the field of certification, regulatory affairs, lean management to guarantee you the best possible buying experience. Therefore, we have developed an international network of consultants for all relevant areas in order to provide you with a powerful service.
We check the company registration of the factory, check if the company is debt free, its references for truthfulness, create with our lawyers and translators the appropriate contracts for purchasing in Asia. All this saves you from expensive mistakes in Asia. Sourcing is not as easy as it seems, because you have to look at the whole value chain.

1. Purchasing of materials close to the factory (including the appropriate logistics).
2. Sample creation and the design of the pre-contract for the product requirements.
3. Material testing of the sample with the respective laboratories on site in the country of manufacture of the factory.
4. Preparation of the purchase contract with the respective requirements for the legal regulations in the target country.
5. Negotiation and regulation of the down payment and balance payment before shipment of the goods.
6. Production supervision in the factory during the whole production period (if requested).
7. Organizing the transportation from the factory to the destination airport, seaport including arranging the appropriate insurance before the goods are finished being manufactured.
8. Regulation of customs clearance. (Customs regulations can be highly complex)
8. Organization of the best condition for the transport of the goods by Air Mail, Air Cargo, Railway Cargo, by container ship in consideration of the product value and the urgency of the transport speed.
9. Final inspection on site in the factory with documentation / video chat before the goods are finally shipped to the destination country.

4. How do i know if the quality meets my requirements before i place a large order?

A company inspection by our staff on site with a visit report can often clarify whether the factory has provided truthful information. We always recommend the purchase of a sample item. In addition, the purchase contract between the factory and you as the client can be drawn up by a lawyer (for a fee) in your favour if necessary. You do not have a guarantee that you will receive the right item, but you can reduce the risk considerably.

5. How can I read the terms and conditions of traders abroad or what if instructions / descriptions are in a foreign language?

We clarify the most important questions such as warranty periods, certificates, etc. with the manufacturer in advance according to your wishes and include it in the purchase contract in English and explain the contents to you in your respective national language.

6. How much is the customs duty/ import sales tax?

The amount of customs duty is determined according to the so-called customs tariff. We will assist you with the selection or recommend a customs agency for the determination. Please refer to your respective customs authorities for the import turnover tax. You are welcome to order a non-binding cost calculation of the transport and customs fees of the possible follow-up costs for your destination country from us in advance.

7. What transport options / variations are there?

From express shipping to air freight and sea freight or air freight/sea freight combinations / cargo train, we determine the best solutions for you according to your wishes and provide you with comprehensive advice. We compare logistics options and support you in selecting the most suitable options for you with the best possible cost-performance ratio. We will organise the entire logistics for you up to delivery so that you do not have to worry about anything else.

8. How much does the import agency cost me?

From express shipping to air freight and sea freight or air freight/sea freight combinations / cargo train, we determine the best solutions for you according to your wishes and provide you with comprehensive advice. We compare logistics options and support you in selecting the most suitable options for you with the best possible cost-performance ratio. We will organise the entire logistics for you up to delivery so that you do not have to worry about anything else.

9. Can I get the trader's contact details or do I always have to order through the import brokerage?

You even have to get them, as they will become your contractual partner. The Mcogroup agency acts as an intermediary and supports you with your import.
In our intranet you can also view contact details of manufacturers and use them for your own import. Access to this intranet area is reserved for member clients with the membership Traders Data. You can also request contact details of the desired supplier from us in advance for a fee if you would like to organise the import yourself from the outset. We would be happy to carry out the quality control in the respective factories for you with our employees on site.

10. Which goods can be imported

In principle, you can request all goods from us. However, not all goods are cheaper abroad than in Germany or the EU / USA / South America / Africa / Russia. For some goods, so-called anti-dumping duties are levied and for most branded goods, the brand manufacturers retain a marketing right. For textiles, for example, there are import restrictions for textiles from China, but importing textiles is not impossible, you just have to apply for an import permit over us. Of course, we also support you in this process. There are further import restrictions, e.g. for steel and porcelain from China.Branded goods such as Nokia, Sony, Nintendo, Apple etc. cannot be obtained from abroad with our help as the manufacturers have their own marketing rights and the products are rarely cheaper abroad than in the EU. Offers that are far below the price are often offered by dubious dealers who either do not really intend to deliver or who would deliver plagiarised products. Please continue reading in the section "Product and brand protection" on the left in the navigation selection.

11. What are the total import costs?

Depending on which brokerage services you choose, you will also have to pay different prices for import brokerage. You may also incur legal fees / labour costs / consulting costs or costs for customs agencies. Shipping costs, port charges, customs duties and import VAT are always added to the value of the goods.

12. At what value is it worth importing?

This is difficult to say because it also depends on the weight and the value of the goods, as it must be worthwhile for you in the end and the transport from far away countries is not exactly cheap for express deliveries. It is always advisable to have the follow-up costs calculated in advance by the agency Frisch in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

13. Do the articles from abroad always comply with the European standards / US standards and what about CE / TÜV markings / FDA?

This would have to be clarified with the companies abroad beforehand. You can often have a copy of the certificates sent to you and check them at the relevant institutes. We work together with lawyers/patent attorneys and can offer this as a service for you as part of an overall package to advise you on the necessary certificates, licences and important standard regulations as well as patent rights.

14. How long does it take to receive the goods after ordering?

From the point an order is placed, typically it will take a manufacture 30 days to produce (a lead-time of 30 days) once finished, Mcogroup then needs to carry out a Pre-Shipment Inspection Quality Check. From there, we then will arrange the export of your order. From placing an order to shipping typically is around 5 weeks. Depending on where you are in the world, shipping to your local port from most major ports in Asia / China can take between 2 – 6 weeks ‘on the water’. Finally, once the goods arrive in your country, they will have to clear customs before being delivered. This can take anything from 1 – 2 weeks. As such, a collective time scale from placing your order to receiving stock can be anything from 8 – 14 weeks.

By small Orders / Products in Stock
The delivery time is determined by the regulations of the respective transport company, for example by DHL Express 5 - 7 working days and with DHL standard on average 10-15 working days, by train 12 - 18 days or ship about 3 - 6 weeks depending on the quantity of the delivery. The terms and conditions of the contract partner / factory abroad apply. It must also be taken into account that 30 - 50 % of the down payment of the production value must be paid into an escrow account before production can start. The down payment is used by the factory to purchase materials for the order and as security for payment of the order value.
However, this is negotiated individually with the contract partner abroad and with you as the customer until both contract partners are satisfied.

15. How does an import brokerage actually work?

You make a declaration of intent to purchase and upon acceptance by the supplier, the Sourcing Agency Mcogroup organises the entire process up to delivery for you. Withdrawal from the service is also possible during the process for an important reason (e.g. doubts about the quality of the product, negative opinion of the supplier after visiting the factory, etc.), whereby service costs that have already been incurred remain.

16. Is my import legally protected

The Sourcing Agency Mcogroup cannot provide legal advice, but we can recommend a lawyer who specialises in import and customs in order to ensure that you are legally protected.

17. Do I need anything for customs clearance?

If you import more than three times a year, you will need a customs number, which you can apply for at customs. We will be happy to check the regulations of your respective country of destination in detail.

18. How do I pay the foreign supplier?

If you wish, the Mcogroup sourcing agency will forward the money to the supplier abroad for you in accordance with the agreement / power of attorney granted to us. This agreement can usually be found in the item description or can be requested from the supplier free of charge. This agreement can also be made with the conclusion of the purchase contract. Otherwise, you pay yourself to the supplier's account. Of course, we will support you in this. Sometimes LC payment with bank security is also possible.

19. How can Mcogroup add value to my business?

Finding a supplier that can meet on both price and quality requirements, understanding what your business needs and delivering the results, ongoing re-sourcing, vendor & inventory managements, purchasing contracts exchange rate fluctuations and generally establishing and managing your China / Asien supply chain. Mcogroup acts as a buying office for your business fighting for YOUR interests in Asia / China.

20. How long will it take to source my products?

Sourcing done ‘badly’ can be done in less than 30 seconds with a quick Google/Alibaba search. Our process requires that Mcogroup staff take various steps in our sourcing process. Typically, sourcing can take us around two weeks. If we are also developing and Quality Assuring the sample before production, then expect anything from 2 weeks to 2 months before we can go into production.

21. What if i have allready found a supplier?

Not a problem, Mcogroup can take over, or manage your supplier, however our fees remain the same in this scenario.

22. Why it makes sense for my business to use the Mcogroup?

Mcogroup has built up a highly experienced team and developed processes with the simple aim of adding value. Our services are focused on getting the best possible price for the right quality, as well as, taking away the time and hassle to source and develop new products.

This includes our establishment of a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, transport companies, international lawyers and business consultants, international tax consultants, customs agencies, translators, quality inspectors and many other contacts around the globe. We support our partners abroad with successful sales in Europe. Most of our international product agents have studied business administration or international trade and speak English and German in their native language.

Receive a premium assistance for your projects in China / Asia / Europe / Africa / South America. Get a fully 360° and transparent service built and performed by MCOGROUP Global experts who are working in your interests. Whether you already have suppliers or not, we will act as your purchasing agent  Global and especially in Asia. Here’s a short list of what we will do for you.

23. What happens after I submit payment details?

Your payment will be processed immediately and you will be redirected to a form where we ask for additional details about your supplier and product requirements necessary to complete the service.