Russian Church Infinity Ring 18 K Gold

At Soiefleuri you can customize many of our handmade wedding rings / engagement rings / crosses with colored gemstones, colored diamonds and / or optionally with different precious precious metals to create a unique piece that perfectly matches your unique personality. 

Our experienced designers will create a unique piece of jewellery for you and your partner according to your wishes and take you on a mental journey to bring your personal vision to life. We also offer you classic golden wedding rings.
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prayer banner with 39 letters

Gebetsbanner 39 kyrillisches Buchstaben
39 kyrillische Buchstaben auf dem Gebetsbanner
Gebetsbanner 39 Buchstaben

39 letters as dedication

For this purpose we have designed a very special wedding ring for you, which combines the coronation and the Russian Orthodox Cross in the design. A personal dedication with 39 letters can be written all around. Of course, we can also customize this ring for you. 

People come before God in marriage to receive the blessing for their living together in the family. Many are not aware at that moment what awaits them on this path, what joy but also what suffering they will encounter in their life as a family. And yet they make the decision to seal their communion through the mystery of marriage in the Church, in the hope that the Creator of the worlds and educator of man will support their decision and bring it to completion. The worship service by which the Orthodox Church celebrates marriage consists, on the one hand, of the blessing of the rings and the changing of the rings, and, on the other hand, of the coronation with crowns specially designed for this purpose. Both parts, on the one hand, reflect the meaning of marriage as the Church has experienced it in her millennial history and, on the other hand, give the spouses the impulse to work on their union according to these meanings, to develop and deepen it in their lives.

The ring is an ancient biblical but also extra-biblical symbol for freedom and power. The wearer of the (seal) ring identifies himself as a freely acting Lord, who can freely dispose of his property by means of the ring. That this symbol is anchored as an archetype in the subconscious of the human being, we can also read, for example, in the famous novel by J. R. R. Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings" and its film adaptation. The power of a ring can be truly uncanny! In the first part of the marriage ceremony the rings are blessed by the priest with the request to God to give the bridal couple strength and blessing from above. Then they are changed between the bridal couple three times and finally put on the ring finger of the right hand. This symbolizes the bridal couple's voluntary decision to give each other "skin and hair" and at the same time gives them the impulse to grow and perfect themselves in mutual acceptance. The ring thus becomes a sign and at the same time a source of strength for the growth of the spouses in the unity of mutual love and help. The second part of the rite, which is not the subject of these explanations, is the crowning. Its meaning lies in the assumption of responsibility by the spouses for their family and in the testimony ("martyrdom" is the Greek word for "witness", which is why we speak of "martyr crowns" in this context) of God's love and the power of his action in this world. The wedding ceremony, sublime and meaningful as it is, but only the beginning, a seed which in itself already marks out the whole programme, but which will only develop its potential over the years. A family goes through several phases that require perseverance, strength and a great deal of faith and love. 

The first child who literally turns everything upside down, further children, their gradual independence from their parents including their puberty, the children leaving their parents' home, and finally the common (re)reflection on each other of the aging couple - these development phases of the family and the people involved are accompanied by the community. Families are supported in their different situations through various measures. Through seminars and family camps the families can be offered educational and mutual help. Through financial and organisational help, young and large families are supported. Even older couples who have passed the phase of raising children find meaningful and helpful ways to grow spiritually and to prepare themselves for the great transition to eternity. 

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