In most cases, it only becomes clear during a personal conversation which services we can provide for you and what effort this requires. Only after an exact analysis of your personal needs can we provide you with a detailed offer. You are welcome to request a presentation from us.

Before we can provide a service for you, a corresponding contract must be concluded for the respective consulting service. We will be pleased to send you a detailed cost estimate.

Negotiations with Chineses manufacturer are usually very negotiation-intensive. We are happy to master this challenge for you. However, you must be aware that this time must be paid hourly. Our Chinese employees are highly qualified specialists in their respective fields. China has become a highly developed country in trade and industrial development, with only one direction at the top. Many top-qualified employees have studied in the USA and have a salary level that is in no way inferior to that of American managers. Therefore, the impression must not be created that consulting services in China would be cheap. The MCOGROUP cooperates with professional international partners in order to simplify your import and export business as well as global purchasing. Because thinking is the hardest work there is, only a few people are involved in purchasing. For our current price list, please send us a written request via e-mail.
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