Shipping from ASIA to Amazon FBA

MCOGROUP - Sourcing has a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience of FBA delivery. Trust us to expertly handle shipping of your products safely and promptly at the most competitive prices.


Sea Freight

Most Amazon sellers choose to ship by ocean, delivering small or large volume cargos at a lower cost for both, FCL and LCL options.

Air Freight

For your urgent delivery to Amazon FBA, we offer expedited, standard or economy shipping solutions to meet your requirements at lower prices.

Customs Brokerage

Our expertise enables rapid and cost-effective transfer of goods through customs, minimizing delays by pre-clearing cargo.


With extensive storage network, we offer you lower rates to Amazon warehousing. Get your excess inventory stocked in our warehouses.

Cargo Insurance

Helping clients cover their goods via economical and premium insurance, we ensure to safeguard your financial investments from losses.

Cargo Consolidation

We are adept at collecting cargo from multiple suppliers in China, consolidating it into a single shipment, saving your time and costs.

Tailored Shipping Schedulesss

Our experienced team will tailor a shipping plan based on your sourced items, lead times and shipping costs to find the most economic method for you. Your merchandise can be shipped by Express through UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT or ect. They cover air, sea and train freight. It is our mission to ensure that you receive your items on time at the most affordable rates.

Highly Cost Effective Carriers

Our many years of experience in sourcing on the international trade market has allowed us to establish long term co - operative relationships with various carriers. You will be able to ship your goods at a lower cost via air, sear or train at no additional cost for as you source through us.

Real - Time Logistics Tracking

We will update you on the real time whereabouts of your shipment at all times. We will do our outer to ensure that your shipment will arrive timorously and handle any problems that may arise.

Tailored Stock Planning

Our Team of experienced agents can tailored a stock plan to your individual needs based on your sales expectation and projected product manufacturing figures from your Chinese supplier. A well tailored stock plan can assist to maintain stability in the day to day running of your business and maximize on profit margins.

FBA Prep and Inspection

We adhere to Amazon’s stringent rules concerning the FBA program. We offer well-informed counsel regarding your obligations as a seller to prevent sanctions on your Amazon account, negative ratings, or fines


Each item is required to have a unique FNSKU label to be identified in Amazon warehouses. We can attach the label according to Amazon’s request.


Your units must include your company logo, production and expiration dates, and safety labels to adequately meet customs requirements.

Poly Bag

It is necessary for each individual unit or consolidated units to be inserted and securely sealed into polybags to ensure safety. Special service for our customers


We can remove your products from existing packaging, and repackage them into new packaging provided by you as per requirements.


We can remove all units from the original cartons and repack into Amazon compliant cartons as per stringent requirements.

Product Inspect

As a safety requirement, we open and inspect inside packaging of each unit to ensure that
illegal items are not shipped.

Product Testing

We open and inspect the inside packaging of each unit to ensure that the products comply with quality control regulations.


We offer professional photography for your Amazon listings to lend credibility and empower consumers to make confident purchasing decisions.
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