Quality assurance of goods from China and other importing countries.

The quality of the goods is an important issue if you want to import them. Especially from emerging countries like China or India the quality often does not correspond to what you expect. For this reason, the MCO GROUP also attaches great importance to quality assurance.

Two examples of bad experiences?
  1. The manufacturer sends samples to the customer. The quality corresponds exactly to his wishes. After ordering the main delivery, the goods do not correspond to the sample. According to the manufacturer, samples cannot correspond to the main delivery because, for example, the colouring of a single product is completely different from the colouring in a main production. In addition, for a sample he had to take individual parts from stock with a much better quality from another production since he for the main production of this order first gets the supply which are decisive for the goods of the main production which of course could not be identical.
  2. A visit to the factory. The manufacturer presents completely flawless sauna cabins (demonstration models) of a really good quality, even better than they were named on the photos or in the descriptions. The customer is thrilled. Due to this positive visit, the customer does not accept goods after completion of his own production. When the customer checks the sauna cabins he is shocked. The doors are made of window glass instead of plexiglass, the wood is only partly sanded and partly not varnished. The wood is stained and perforated and the holes are unclean. After the customer wants to enforce his warranty claim it means from the manufacturer that he himself is an electrical company and therefore he can give the warranty only on the electrical system of the sauna cabins but not on the wood and not on the glass.
Experience & References

Of course we build on our experience. We always try to recommend suppliers with whom we or our customers have already had good experiences. In addition, we know in some industries due to references suppliers of large companies where a good quality can be expected. With new suppliers it is of course possible to have references (if available) proven. Often, large importers and manufacturers have already carried out expensive testing procedures and selected suppliers or suppliers who meet these quality standards. Suppliers and suppliers of other large importers and manufacturers whose quality is already known and who can prove their references accordingly, we naturally take into the shortlist if possible.

Sample shipment / product sample

According to our experience, a sample shipment or product sample is indispensable. So you can test the product according to your own taste which no third person can take from you. You can also test the functions. If you do not find any defects yourself and are satisfied with the product, you should have further tests carried out by a test laboratory. This is also important to determine the longevity of the product.

Contract Agreement

Of course, it should be contractually agreed that the quality of the goods of the main production must not deviate from the quality of the sample delivery. These must correspond exactly to the sample. Ideally, a factory visit for goods acceptance is contractually agreed.

Production monitoring

Production monitoring monitors the production of your goods from the start of production to shipment. We write daily reports and make photo documentations which are sent to you daily by fax or email. In addition, points are discussed daily with you by telephone. Thus we accompany the entire production process in your agency. Please note that we mediate quality assurance and do not provide the service ourselves.

Acceptance of goods on site

At the end of production, our partners carry out the acceptance of the goods. Of course, they can only inspect the goods apparently, as the technical possibilities for further tests do not usually exist on site and not every single device (e.g. in the case of technical devices) can be tested.

Conditions at the manufacturer

We try to create better conditions on the spot. In this way we can achieve long-term success for long-term business relationships. We support foreign suppliers in the training of employees by German trainers, try to find suppliers with better quality materials under certain circumstances and help the company to get better equipment such as tools and machines. In this way, quality can also be improved in the long term. Ask us - we reach this goal with you.

We are always aware that you as a customer wish a good quality in the delivery of goods. To the satisfaction of our customers, we also want to guarantee a delivery that satisfies our customers and forms the basis for long-term cooperation. We try to include all points to minimize the risk for you as a customer as much as possible. Don't save money when it comes to ensuring quality because bad delivery is a business risk which also means the biggest financial risk for you as an entrepreneur.

Our partners for goods inspections, audits and loading controls include the companies Greenland Group Limited, China Consulting Dongguan, Taiwan Inspection Company & TUEV Sued and TUEV Rheinland.