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Get a full assistance for all your projects in China & Asia /  Europe South Africa and South America. Our Sourcing Service is totally transparent (we give you all the factories contacts and you can visit the factories). This service was built by MCOGROUP experts thanks to more than 11 years experience and it is performed by trained agents in our Hongkong office. We act as your purchasing office in China / Asia  / Europe South Africa and South Americaand we are entirely dedicated to work in your interests (we do not, and never will, accept any kickback from factories).



Considering your project and your sourcing requirements, our purchasing team, coordinated by your project manager, conducts a sourcing study in order to select the best effective solution to purchase the products you need.

Because each market, each project, each brand has its own requirements, you must rely on experts to find reliable factories in China / ASIA / Europe South Africa and South America. Based on our experience and our knowledge, we are able to find the most suitable factories in China for each specific case: finishing quality, product range, material quality, expected delivery time, product certifications, price range, etc. to help you buy directly from manufacturers in China / Asia / Europe South Africa and South America.

Sample Orders 1 - 3 Weeks

  1. Review the products requirements,
  2. Sample orders from factories.
  3. Control of the quality in our office.
  4. Full PDF ReportPDF report
  5. Delivery of samples to clients.

Supplier Verification 1 WeekSupplier Verification = 1 week

  1. Check up of the legal registration,
  2. Verification of certifications,
  3. Review of the suppliers’ online reputation,
  4. Full PDFFull PDF Full FDF with all details and documents.

Laboratory Tests 1 - 3 Weeks Laboratory Tests (optional) = 1 to 3 weeks

  • Sample pick up at the factory
  • Review of the products and tests to perform
  • Validation of the requirements with the selected laboratory
  • Verification of the laboratory’s sample reports
  • Delivery of the final report to clients

Supply Prospection 1 - 4 WeeksSupplier Prospection = 1 to 4 weeks

  1. Analysis of your project and requirements,
  2. Search for suppliers through all our networks,
  3. Selection based on the suppliers prices,
  4. Gathering of all the suppliers documents.

Prototyping 2 - 4 Weeks

  • Analysis of your project
  • Set up with the selected factories
  • Development of a testing plan
  • Assembly of prototypes in the factory or in our office
  • Full PDF ReportPDF report
  • Delivery of prototypes to clients


Your MCOGROUP project manager settles an agreement (detailed proforma invoice and sales contract) with you to make sure that all requirements are understood and accepted by all parties. Our purchasing team handles all the order management in China / Asia / Europe South Africa and South America and follow up tasks with the factories and the shipping company.

You can follow the production and shipping schedules on the MCOGROUP Dashboard. You receive status & schedule updates by automatic emails. At the same time, your MCOROUP project manager remains available for any question. We will send you as a download link quality inspection reports, shipping documents such as Telex Release and packing lists and all invoices.

Our service starts when you ask for a quotation and continues after you receive the goods. If you have any claim, our sales team remain at your disposal to take care of any after sales issue.

Order Preparation 1 - 2 Weeks Order Preparation = 1 to 2 weeks

  • Planification of your supply chain strategy
  • Finalisation of purchasing conditions with suppliers
  • Payment of the deposit for Production

Production Follow Up 1 - 12 Weeks

  • Start and finish dates
  • Risk prevention and issue management
  • Factory visits if necessary
  • Notifications to clients

Quality Control 2 - 4 Weeks

  • Preparation of the inspection
  • Inspection in the factory by an Mcogroup or SGS inspector
  • Full PDF ReportPDF report will sent to client

Packing & Loading Supervision 1 - 2 days

  • Verification of the packing
  • Random pick up of cartons for visual product check
  • Verification of quantities loaded in the container
  • Full PDF Report willPDF report sent to client


From the shipping set up to the delivery at your warehouse, our team assists you to provide a smooth operation. We take care of all the paperwork to export your order from China and to import it into your country.

We send you the best shipping quotations according to a wide array of conditions: your desired schedule, your budget, the merchandise volume, the number of containers, the number of factories, the packing of the goods, the incoterms, the necessary tests and certificates. You receive quotations from internationally established forwarders. Our documents include all the fees in China, for the freight and at destination. No hidden fees. No kickback. Our quotation includes all the fees for a door-to-door delivery. You just pay the VAT and the import tax to our partner at destination when you receive the goods.

Once the shipping plan is set, our team enters your shipment schedule into our advanced tracking system. The schedule includes major project events: End of production date, container loading date at factory, cut off date, loading on cargo ship date, ETD, ETA at destination port, ETA at your warehouse.

Our system displays your shipment schedule on the Asiaction Dashboard. Before any event occurs, we send out automatic email reminders for you to prepare the reception of the goods. Our emails also include advices on how to enforce these actions.

A real and accurate monitoring of your shipments including:

  • Emails at key moments of the shipment,
  • Reminders before ETD and ETA at destination port,
  • Notifications regarding the delivery at your warehouse,
  • Advice on documents to prepare for the importation,
  • Warnings when shipping companies change dates.

We can handle all types of goods and we are able to ship everywhere in the world.

Our team is able to handle simple and complex shipments, such as:

  • consolidation: group orders from different factories into one container,
  • split orders from different factories into multiple containers,
  • store your goods in a bonded warehouse and ship them separately at different times and/or places.

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